Fish Industry Meets Technology

The slow, manual and error-prone fish trade still uses pen-and-paper for record keeping.
We introduced technology that changed the pace.

Paper-based works


The fish trade is old school. The industry operates with pen-and-paper record keeping while sales orders are made through phone. Such manual method is slow with inevitable and costly mistakes made at every stage of the production chain.

Our client is a fish-processing company from Aberdeen who came to us with the intention of transforming the obsolete and error-prone process into a technology-based methodology that delivers an accurate, efficient and automated system.

From Pen-And-Paper to Mobile Phone

We developed the Rooser mobile app to record the status of products at every stage of the production chain. Operating on both iOS and Android, the mobile app allows the staff at the fish market to input data straight into the database for the rest of the departments to check and prepare for. With phone in hand, a driver can quickly confirm if he has the right quantity of palettes before he brings the fish to the factory where workers are already prepared knowing what to expect even before the truck arrives. All of these processes can happen simultaneously while the managing team can access real-time data through the mobile app while on the move, any time, anywhere.

On top of that, the mobile app is also integrated with Slack as a communication tool. When salesmen input data on the app, the rest of the team is notified through Slack.

Rooser mobile app

Leveraging the Power of the Web

Complementing the mobile app, we developed a web application which are used both in the factory and in the office. In the factory, the web platform displays real-time data on a big TV screen where workers can quickly prepare client orders, ensure correct number of boxes and weight per box, and update the status of the product when ready for dispatch or already dispatched. All the updates are displayed on the TV real-time.

For the office staff, the web platform allows admin users to track all information and helps invoicing to customers with accurate data. The web admin can also generate reports and analyse data by performing calculations such as production costs compared to sales, helping to determine profitability on a daily basis.

Skyward Momentum Brought By Innovation

With the mobile and web app solution combined, the company benefits from an optimised production chain and saves 40 man-hours per week and an average of £3.5K weekly savings on prevention of human errors. Real-time data allows the managing team to make quick, well-informed and strategic decisions on a daily basis. The annual production has significantly increased after a year and the company has been expanding since, hiring more people and acquired a new building to accommodate the growth. As the company owner himself has expressed, the company’s uphill trajectory started and was made possible because of the implementation of the mobile and web app.

40 man hour saved each week
£ 3.5 K saved on human error each month

+ Significant increase of the production

+ Facilitate business growth

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