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Tight resources doesn’t always have to mean lowly outcomes. We found a work around on how a low-budget project can end up with remarkable results that fit the bill. Read the story.

Old Y-Pod website


Youth Provider Online Directory (Y-Pod) is an initiative of the Department of Health Improvement as part of NHS Glasgow’s aim to deliver quality health services to its constituents.

Targeting young people, the platform provides a directory of services where they can get a wide variety of help ranging from mental health counselling, volunteering, community support, and learning and employment opportunities.

The old website was outdated, didn’t appeal to the taste of its target audience, had broken features, and doesn’t work on mobile devices. The client came to us wanting to modernise the functionalities of the directory, calendar and blog in the website. As with many NHS projects, revamping the website involved having to work with a tight budget.

Nothing Too Small That Skill Cannot Transform

Most agencies would stumble when project scope and budget requirements don’t tally. But instead of refusing the project and asking them to get more funding, we collaborated with our client and helped prioritise the most important features for the website. We released a version of the platform with the maximum functionalities within the budget they could afford. Aside from a modern and minimalistic design of the directory and calendar, we ensured that the website is simple and easy to navigate through. We also added an admin panel where our client can update the directory and add new events. We ensured that the design is responsive to mobile and tablet screens.

Y-Pod new directory

Benefits Keep Adding Up

After launching the new website, interview surveys with the target audience showed that usability of the website has improved and young people in particular enjoy using the web application. The new platform is fully functional and our client can independently manage the directory without much training due to a simple and intuitive UI/UX design. More importantly, releasing the website also helped our client to apply for more funding. Showing the web app to decision makers backed her application to receive additional funding to add more features in the website.


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